Bullet properties in Social's FPS template

Hey guys I developed an AI enemy system in blender to work in Socials fps template, but I need to know the properties of the bullet so when it collides with the enemy the object ends.

does anyone know?

? you have the file, just look at it. If you want to modify it, you should understand its structure anyway.

Use the outliner, check the logic bricks

There is no distinct “bullet” object in the FPS template. There is a bforce object (on the second layer) but that’s used solely for force application (because this was 4 years ago, and I didn’t know about applyImpulse).

If you want to deal damage, you can do it with a ray sensor (which I find to be the most reliable method):

if ray.positive:
    hit_obj = ray.hitObject
    hit_obj["health"] -= damage


You should try to create your own FPS Template; you’ll learn much more than you would by just using something I created 4 years ago.

The FPS template is very, very old, and doesn’t really represent the best way to this kind of stuff in the BGE. So, don’t think you’ll lose anything by doing things from scratch.

And above all, it’ll not work in the new ugly Blender, most probably!