bullet question

hey guys i was just looking through the features of blender to see that bullet was developed for the ps3.does that mean blender is capable of making ps3 worthy games???

why does it take so long for someone to respond to my question?

Blender making PS3 games…sure…in maybe 100000000000000000 years.

Turin, you’re being increasingly negative. No we will not be able to create PS3 games, BUT: Our blender developers are working on a new build of blender called BlendX. Many things are being improved in this meaning that we will have better graphics, but probably not PS3 Worthy.

Zaghaghi already added one advanced graphical feature (the 2D filters), Ovidiu worked on a speedup patch, but PS3 graphics? First off it would take a lot of work and second, it would take a really high end machine to run a game like that.

Yes, negative…but also, right…now if we had realtime shadows, that would be something…

Erwin’s Bullet physics engine is being used in high profile ‘AAA’ PS3 games. No game names yet? Maybe we’ll find out in the future.

Bullet is a physics engine. That means that our physics engine is up to professional quality (technically it is professional quality). Bullet has nothing to do with graphics, though. Logic and graphics are still not up to the quality of professional PS3 games.

A very good point PlantPerson

well…is there an open source graphics engine that i can implement to blender(like how I used indego as an external renderer)?

Well, supposedly they’re going to be implementing OGRE (a good graphics engine) at some point. Who knows when that will be ready though. I’ve also heard that Crystal Space supposedly integrates well with Blender, but I don’t know myself.

can i use it for blender my self? how do i do that?