bullet time

dudes is there a script or a way to get bullet time in the game engine. thanks

script? no

way? umm

becase you can’t change the time that blender thinks has past you would have to slow everything affected down, and use lower powered forces to move them.

and reduce the gravity.

I don’t think it has been done yet, and would probably be easier to do if it were possible to access the actuators of an object when the object is detected in a near sensor. That way the python script wouldn’t have to be in every single object affected.

also, animations can be played by property, you just make the property move slower

there is one way that i know of
il just lay out the link to the file here

this one is a little slow

this one is more slow

Wow, cool! How do you come up with stuff like this? :o

think logic all the time nothing more :wink: :slight_smile: