Bullet Time


This is my first post here, but I’ve been watching these forums for quite a while. I’m amazed at some of the stuff people can produce. I’ve been working on this shot for about 2 weeks. Its in its final stages, but I’m thinking of going back and adding more detail to the city, fixing up the sky and bullet texture, and working on the bullet trails a bit more. I would like to thank nozzy for modelling and rigging the character. I learned a lot from examining its armature. So anyway, I would love to hear how I can improve this shot.

Here it is.

Only one meg. Render time was about 2 full days, and the bullet trails were composited in After Effects.

All comments are welcome.



Good stuff! Like you said more details would add to it. I like the bullet trails.

Nicely done! my suggestion: try doing a unique move…

That last bullet made me flinch!

It’s animated nice and smoothly and the bullet trails look very nice. Try animating the character doing something else, like jumping, while the bullets fly past.

I really like it, great work :slight_smile: Perhaps you could make the bullet trails stand out a little more though, it can be a bit tricky to see them sometimes.

I agree with Wiggie: Seeing the same thing four or five times is a bit repetitive. Some variety would be nice.

Other than that, good bullet trails!

Thanks for the replies.
I suppose the only reason I did this was to see how close I could animate the character to the real thing. After I finish rendering out the final, I might go back and completely change the animation. See how well I can animate without a refrence.
Do you think the lighting is too dull? Also the sky, my brother thinks its not very realistic. Should I make it a little whiter to make it appear cloudy? Would mist help?
Anyway, thanks again.

You can use an image in the world settings, just like a texture…in the movie, it was sunny but hazy I think.

You say two days for the render, can you tell me for my information your processor speed, and any special blender settings for render?

Hey cool! Peerless productions! I love your guy’s stuff (saw it at TFN. I hope you know what I’m talking about).

Great job!

Great recreation of the real thing, pretty near spot on in terms of movement.

Let’s see, I have a g4 1 gHz processor and rendered with ray tracing and ambient occlusion on, 720 x 480. Originally the file was 360 megs. I did a whole lot of compressing.

Yea, I know what your talking about :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks much!

Yay! Thats really what I spent most of my time on.


Actually it’s very close, the only thing is that the last bullet there doesn’t clip his shoulder (I’ve seen that movie SOOOO many times… lol))

Otherwise, GREAT work!

Actually, did you have anything to do with “Mechanical Mayhem”? Because that was what first inspired me to learn Blender. (sorry, is this OT?)

My brother effstops (whose a big fan of your work) did all the blender work on that project. I did the majority of the masking, but thats about all.


I’d say its time to make or use a more lifelike character, although it doesn’t have to be Neo, but maybe there’s a reason a blue clay dude is dodging bullets.


Just great.

I just saw the Matrix for like the hundreth time on Friday afternoon while visiting my parents. The last half, beginning where Neo and Trinity save Morpheus is the best. The lobby scene, the helicopter sequence (including bullet time), and the subway fight scene are all fun to watch every time.

You did nearly a spot on job of recreating bullet time.

Alright, here is the final.


I only touched it up a bit; added a sky, new buildings, and reflection on the bullets. Tell me what you think.