bullet time

hey, i’ve been looking around the internet, and i can’t seem to find any animation on changing from normal speed to bullet time in blender, mid-way through an animation. i want to slow the animation down as a bullet leaves a gun; then slow down the physics for my character’s coat and hair, then speed it back up to normal speed after a few seconds.

one demonstration of this would be in the ad for wanted, when the bullet is fired, moves past the camera very slowly, then speeds up again to hit the target.

thanks in advance.

my “simple” solution (it’s just an animation, right? Not interactive, like a game?)

Get your animations set (I think you can render all physics to an IPO via the game engine), then go to your IPO window & space everything out.

it’s not interactive, it’s just an animation, but i’m pretty sure that the game engine won’t allow cloth physics, so there’s no way to get the physics animation into the game engine in the first place.

thank’s anyway

i’ve just been playing around with blender 2.5, and seeing as everything is animate-able, i think i should be able to increase the air resistance and such to simulate time going slower.

but untill that becomes stable, any other help?

Why not render twice - once normal speed, once slow speed and then mix the sequences. The speeding up and slowing down is easy if done quickly but if you want to decelerate and then acelerate gradually you will probably need to render slo-mo and then select frames at ever decreasing/ increasing intervals until desired time rate is obtained.

no, you can’t do cloth to IPO via physics, but I found out you can export the cloth to a MDD file, then turn off the clock physics on the object, re-import the MDD with the cloth object selected. It will rescale the object (scale back down, won’t affect anything), then there’s a shape key assigned to the cloth you can stretch out.