Bullet Time

Hi everybody,

I am trying to make bullet time using particle system. On first keyframe I put timestep on 0.04, on second keyframe I put timestep on 0.002. Bullet time works, unfortunately particles are continuing to generate with the same speed as it was before I put timestep on 0.002. Is it possible to slow down the process of all particle system, including generation of new particles?


rain.blend (876 KB)

You could use a texture to control the density of the particles. You can animate that texture to reduce the density of the particle generation at a specific time.

When an object has a particle system you can add a particle texture and set that to influence density. If you use a blend texture you can keyframe it changing from white (100% density) to black (0% density)


rain.blend (1.74 MB)

Thanks again! I did not even know that we can do it.