Bullet used in 2012

Its in the article. I found it very interesting.

If Bullet is good enough for 2012, then it is good enough for Durian and the BGE.

If only the BGE had per-release updates with the newest Bullet features.

I liked the part where it said that they were able to run a 100 frame simulation in an hour or 2 instead of overnight, of course they were using top of the line gear but it would be cool to see some larger scale destruction capabilities in blender… which of course what durian is all about, it will be great to see what they come up with!

Wow, Erwin must be happy.

I found some more articles.

No, no its not, everything thats gonna get put in 2.5 is already in… theyre concentration now on bug testing and gettting a stable release ready. dont get your hopes up for new special effects cos it aint gonna happen.

for 2012 a plugin was developed by cebas called volume breaker. http://www.cebas.com/index.php?pid=product&prd_id=77&feature=912

That’s beta0 and it will be communicated it’s designed for testing and not for serious use yet, more stuff will come after beta0 is released.

are you refering to 2.5? if so, there arent gonna be any more “cool things” writen into it, from the project outliner I read, for whats sceduled for releases 2.5/6/7 its going to be a case of just putting things back and making sure they work…

Do correct me if Im wrong, but I think its unfair to give ppl hope that upon release of 2.5 people are going to be able to do 2012 like simulations/make movies.

the closest we have to stuff like that are peoples builds, which are nowhere near/stable or even being considered for inclusion in a blender release.

But like I say, do correct me if Im wrong, Id love cool new features.

You must not be aware of the Durian wishlist then;)

Show me? …8…9…10

nvm found it… even when you combine the feature list http://durian.blender.org/news/features-wishlist/ and the todo list http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/BlenderDev/Blender2.5/Todo/Tools
you still only really get “putting things back”
I see no new features that are anything like “large scale destruction”

There was a letter by ton, that outlines, what features would/were likely to be added, and not added, for 2.5 and 2.6 and 2.7
It said something along the lines of, b-mesh would not be in 2.5 but may come later in 2.6 or 2.7 and that 2.5`s focus now was just putting something back together that worked… I wish I could find the letter…
you seem to know lots about these things, and perhaps know to what I am refering.

I didnt say Im gonna be expecting destruction on the scale of 2012, Im just say larger scale than what blender is capable of now. From what it looks like volume breaker is what is used to break the geometry, the software they wrote from bullet is what they used to destroy the models.

But how do you come to that conclusion? what features are going to be added that will allow that? what Im saying is, from what Ive read, I dont see any new features that would improve simulation capabilities. Id like to know, to what you refer as I am interested in this too.

This is the actual wishlist

Most of the stuff mentioned in the list isn’t just ‘putting things back’

That was what I linked to.


• Natively integrated Bullet rigid body physics system. This should work at the level of other physics systems, directly showing results in the viewports, using fields and collision, visual editing of constraints, etc.

• Improved hair simulation. Currently supported through softbodies, but hair simulations requires strict length preservation, hair volume preservation, and can perhaps be simulated more efficiently since individual hairs can be assumed to be only 1-dimensional.

• Point caches working better with linked libraries, supporting linked objects to both get a new point cache for the scene, or to reuse an existing cache.

•Apply force fields to edited Hair.

• Better collision detection for cloth

Thats it regarding the physics side of things… To what are people refering, when they say, that project durian will in any way, affect simulations in any way.

If thats everything thats going in, then what do you refer to when you say “more stuff will come after beta0 is released”

and regarding bullet physics, is anything new going to happen with that, that will benefit blender?

I’m not talking about destruction related features, I’m talking about Blender 2.5 features in general.

You did not link to the same thing, sure, it’s a wishlist of some type, but it was a very early one, the one I linked to, the one in the wiki, is much more complete and has updates from time to time.

i find it degrading for Bullet to be used in such stupid movies that are based on false conspiracy plots…

VFX for 2012 video:http://www.cgchannel.com/news/viewfeature.jsp?newsid=9197

Digital Domain talks Bullet and other things.