Took under a min to render the bullet at over 1000 samples. The background is a real photo.

Please let me know how I can improve it.

Thanks :smiley:

Some shock-wave ripples would really give it a sense of motion. Make a flat cone aligned with the nose of the bullet and use a ring-wave texture node with a radial gradient texture node for the fade-out feeding a glass shader. . That should give the basic look but Iā€™m sure it would need more massaging to get an organic look, keep it from looking too sterile.

Also, the bullet looks aluminum! They are usually steel, lead, or copper (or depleted uranium, which kind of looks like lead).

You may want to add lines on the bullet. You know, the ones that CSI will check to match the murder weapon.
Yes, I watch too much TV.

Great! Thanks for the feedback, I really need it :stuck_out_tongue: