Bullethole Script Freezing

Hey guys, I recently installed the bullethole script and got it working, but now when I shoot, it freezes in mid-air, click the link for a vid. Thank you in advance!

oh yea fallout 3. but yea, is there a distance for the bulletholes could that be the problem? Maybe the distance is to short? did you make this script?

no i didnt make it, i got it from FreeStuffLawl, but i set the ray distance to 500, and im pretty sure that wasnt 500 bu

here’s the script

import GameLogic
from Mathutils import Vector
c = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
own = c.owner
space = 0.003


mouseclick = c.sensors[“mouseclick”]
ray = c.sensors[“ray”]


spawn = c.actuators[“spawn”]
if mouseclick.positive and ray.positive:

Get info

pos_vec = Vector(ray.hitPosition)
normal_vec = Vector(ray.hitNormal)

make object

bullet_hole = spawn.objectLastCreated

position hole

bullet_hole.alignAxisToVect(normal_vec.xyz, 2, 1)
normal_vec.magnitude = space
bullet_hole.worldPosition = (pos_vec + normal_vec).xyz

ok yea well I followed his tutorial for bullethole scripting and it didn’t work. I followed it excatly but it wasn’t working for blender 2.5 but you are using 2.4 so try to follow his tutorial and yea srry I am no python guru so I can’t help with the script

ya its 2.49, i think 2.5 sucks

heres the link to his bullethole tutorial hope this helps http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMle_GnpHsM

lol yea it does it is really buggy but I am trying to learn it.

i suggest learning 2.49, its a lot easier

yea it is but lol I am using a laptop so I can’t use the numb pad to change views and it really annoys me