Bullets and bad guys!!

How can i get the bullets i pick up in ammo to add up because at the moment i pick up ammo and i get 5 bullets i pick up another ammo box but it dosnt give me 10 how can i get it to add up?

And why won’t my bad guys die (end object) when i shoot them i have set up logic bricks for them so that when the ‘BULLET’ property hits them they end object but it dosnt work!! Please reply!! help


Maybe try ask in the game-section of the forum? %|

for the adding bullets where you have it set the bullets property change the actuator to add not assign

and make an invisible plane that is the width of the bullet and long trailing behind the bullet but make sure the plane it part of the bullet not parented

and game questions should go in the Game Engine forum from now on you will get more and better help quicker

Ok thanks alot m8 for all the help ill ask in the GE fourm in the future.
thanks again…