bullets appear in wrong location

i made a gun for my car, and it works ok, but when i duplicated it my bullets started appearing off to the sides of the two guns instead of at the tip of the barrels. anyone else have this problem?


are you using a scaling other than 1.0 of any of your objects?

do you have the emitter object’s center in the proper place [the barrel]?

are you using armatures [for a car, I doubt it, but for people there isnt anything simple you can do if you want to use armatures, and have the bullet be visible]

it must be the scale because the center is at the right place. i’ll do a <edit> ctrl A <endedit> on the bullet,…i guess i did scale it up. the only armature is for the front wheels, so i don’t think that’s affecting anything.

Yes Modron I’m having similar trouble in my game. It seems like the empties I’m using to introduce the shells are acting like slow parented objects. They are OK most of the time but in certain directions they via off at a different angles. I’ve tried all different metods of propelling the shells but nothing is 100% satisfactory.

Hope someone can come up with a solution.


nope did a ctrl a on both the bullet, and the gun, and same deal. i guess i’ll try making another gun and another bullet for the other gun and see how that works.
<edit> arg never mind it was the sphere of influence being too big that was causing it.