Bullets hitting building effect (particles, Starcraft) & explosion heat flash

Hello, I want to accomplish the following 3 effects. If you have any tips on how to accomplish them it would be great.

  1. The first effect I would like to create is cover a model with tiny sparks that resemble bullets hitting the model. I suppose this can be accomplish by defining the shape of the bullet spark and and setting the model as the emitter. Do you have any other suggestions?

  2. The other effect I would like accomplish is the bright flash of circular light around an explosion. Essentially for all intensive purposes, all I need is a radially gradiented circle on the ground plane around the explosion that blends into 0 alpha on its edges that appears for 1 frame. Actually now that I think about and after looking at explosions from sc1, one would need to create a ragged circle/explosion shape around the explosion.

  3. The other thing I am curious about is how to create an explosion with different types of fire/smoke. The rendering (materials, flow, etc) of smoke/fire is controlled by the domain object so it would appear this can only be accomplished by composting which is hardly ideal as the effects could not be correctly interspersed according to their physical position.

#3 SOLVED: In one thread on the forum, it states that this can only be accomplished with compositing.