Bullets in Game Engine

What would be the best way to generate realistic bullets in the game engine? You know, like in an FPS where the bullets reach the target instantly.

A tutorial please?


This is exactly what I need too!

I’m not sure if it’s right but you could use the “ray” sensor along with the keyboard/mouse sensor?

Or with your AddObject, have your velocity set up as high as it will go… Like this maybe :


Make sure this is from the empty and always push in the little “L” next to its velocity.

I’ve tried 100 velocity, it’s not fast enough and it doesent register collisions sometimes. And I don’t see how the ray sensor could make an explosion happen at the exact location of collision.

using python see example here

if you dont know python then you cant

Ahhhh I see.

scabootssca. After I look over your pyton code do you mine if I pm you several questioned. Many coders here NEVER answer.

Coders DO answer questions. You just have to ask right, and you do that by writing clear and concise questions that we can actually understand and answer.

Or maybe we just never check out PMs because the chances of us getting one is so slim. I mean I dont log onto BlenderArtist to check my PMs, not like its my email address. Plus its not as noticable when you do have a PM.