bullets physics and the BGE

hello everyone

i hope you could all point me in the right direction with this

i want to do something radical and different.

i want to use a sphere instead of the usual boring plane as the game worlds surface.

but this would require the force of gravity to be changed from the old force applied in a down ward manner to a manner in which the force redirected to x= 0 y=0 and z=0 the center of the sphere.

no one has probably done this before.

is it possible?

if so how?



Here’s an example blend attached. I hope you can work out how to implement it into your game


grav to object.blend (439 KB)

no one has probably done this before.

See this, video and game demo http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=191999&highlight=mario+game

was that .blend file created using blender 2.50?

If you watch the video you’ll see it was 2.49