Bullfrog Jumpship (Updated April 4th... mmmm)

Alrighty, decided to do some more sci-fi design. Not nearly finished. The open spaces without glass will have doors on them ofr unloading troops and cargo. The hole o nthe bottom is also a door/ramp. I dont like the engines in the back, going to change them to a more rectangular configuration as opposed to cylinders. Its gonna have some big beefy landing gear, and the rest of the interior will be as detailed as the cockpit (Which still needs a bit more work)



Yeah looks good.
don’t think that there’s much engine room though

the only crit I can think of is that the wings seem a little thin compared to the rest of the ship.
can’t wait to see it barreling through the atmosphere to drop off a squad of soldiers!

Very good styling, but it looks nose-heavy. Maybe when you rework the engines that will help with the balance. I really like the shaping of the nose and forward areas. Also, the shapes in the interior look nice and functional.

More please!


Alright did a bit more work… Closed it all up. Going to work on landing gear and some finer details, then off to the texturing plant.


alright, not to hijack the post, but why is it when i always open WMP to play an animaton on elysiun, that it says ‘no suitable compressor found’?

You need to download divx

hey, thanks. it helped…cool animation!




Can anyone say Republic Drop Ship…

If it’s going to be a Drop Ship then it needs to have alot of defence…drop ships are ment to drop off troops SAFELY and hold the offences till the troops have good position.

bout a higher res render, with less ior? it makes it look small

Maybe not a drop ship exactly… Ever seen a C 17?

More of a cargo/paratroop ship, but small enough to manouvre in tight situations. Weapons havent been built yet
adding turrets to back and under the chin. Hence the four extra seats in the cockpit. Remote gunning stations.

whoops…spell check

Hey man, i love the ship. The design is nice, clean…kinda reminds me of something asimov might describe.

and good point on the c-17s. They rock to jump out of. No prop blast. Beautiful in the air too.

well done on the ship

Alright, getting around to texturing.


Tell me what you think, Obvciously the solid colours are not yet textured.[/img]


Wow, really good. I don’t know why but it makes me remember about X-Com’s ships.

I dont think the tubine engines support it, just makes it seem too much like a 747, and less high tech

Update… main hull textured…