bullit failure

ok i keep having problems with the physics in blender wallking through walls at slow ass speeds and the physics just cuting out all together and being able to walk through walls with gravity doing no effect on the player y does the bullit engine fail so often

There is about 10,000 specific reasons. Speaking in general terms it’s a work in progress and therefore unstable.

Post a .blend, I’ll see what I can do.

ok here it is try to get on the upword convayer and hop on the crate it will flip out and through u across the room or just die all tegether and puff no physics http://www.savefile.com/files/78282

I think the main problem is the fact that you are using dloc here. Dloc can have very adverse effects on collision detection and physics in general.

Use linv instead, and things should improve.

yes it help a little but if u use linv gravity dosent aplly if the button is held down

That doesn’t matter, because you should deactivate all the motion actuators at any time when player is off ground anyway. People can’t move in the air, they are just carried by the momentum.

Let the physics engine take care of things when your not moving/off ground. That’s why it’s there in the first place.

PS: You should really think about using a script for all your movement, instead of all those unnecessary actuators. I recommend using z3r0 d’s fps_controlls.blend template. Search the forums for it, and several other options.

It will make things much more manageable.