Bullwhip Test

Hi guys,
I’m making a Star Wars fan film and it has a lightwhip in it. I don’t know how to use a bullwhip (and don’t have the time to learn it) so I’m doing it with Blender. These are my tests so far:

Is there anything I can improve?

This looks really fantastic! Very good execution. Honestly I have no critique… just praise.

Muy Excellente!

I’m seriously impressed. How long were you working on this?

Total animation took (I think) a couple hours. This isn’t my first try (I did a couple others). What took the most time was setting up the IK Spline.

check out the movie ‘Iron Man 2’ which has a guy with a glowing whip in it for some ideas. nice effect btw.

very nice! how did you do it?

I made a tube and turned it into an IK-spline. I rendered it out shadeless against a black BG and added the glow in Adobe After Effects.

Interesting… No camera tracking?

Also, can you post that IK-spline rig please?