Bumble bee transforming need help !!!

Hi guys, i’m doing a transformer game for my final year project, i have some serious problem and i need some help asap. coz time is running out for me.

As you see, i use the armatures to do all the movement, jumping, blocking and stuff. now i wan to animate it transform back to the car. For this particular action i do not wish armature to work is there a way to remove the armature without affect the other actions tat i had set? Or is there anotherway out?
Hope someone can help asap.

There’s no reason to remove the armature. Simply use an action to play an “animation” which is actually just a still of the position you want.

i need to remove the armature when transforming or it will not work. i tried with the armature but it wont work. someone please advise.

how does it not work? please explain more in detail

Ok. As you can see the model, it is make up of a robot + car parts.
the car parts are taken from a car that i modeled. which then i seperate them into indiviual parts and put it on the robot.
the robot + carparts are parented to the armature which what they call skinning. so now when i move my arms the robot arm will move and any carparts on the arm will follow.
now, after i did those walking, jumping… etc actions that i needed. my aim is to animate it transform into a car. Problem is the car parts are not able to rotate nor move like before as it is parent to the armature, juz by rotating the armature will not make it transform back into the car.
I try to seperate the car objects like door, windscreen etc etc. then ipo it, it doesnt work. will go heywire.

i think the only way to actually achive this is by making each thing you want to move freely a seperate object and parenting them together.

i f you wanted to i guess you could do a fade out of the robot then fade back in of the car

i will try this method but it’s abit troublesome. should i ipo the object then check the action icon and do it at action instead?

replace the mesh when the transformation is done…

In the future, you should design your armatures so that they can do what you’ll need them to do. Had you planned this out better, this problem would not have occurred. Just something to consider for your next project.

You could always make an explosion kind of thing around him, and then replace the mesh…(if you’re that desperate)

i tried to remove the car parts from the armature and parent it directly to the robot.
Exsample. the tire on the lower leg, i seperate it, then i also seperate the lower leg from the rest of the body. i parent the tire to the lower leg, which makes the lower leg the parent. i test the action, the tires will not follow the action that i have set. it is by itself not moving at all.

Just replace the model with the new model without any armature and make and run the ipos needed to transform him back to the car.

Im sorry if someone already said that. You could use the armature model to start the transform, then as it was turning, or something similar, swap models and run the ipo.

I think.

im sorry i answered this at three in the morning not thinking that the reasons the armatures move together on the same mesh is because they share the same verts or are parented so on the same object (sorry if its more work for you i just didn’t think about it) don’t link the verts of the objects that you want to move freely so they don’t pull or push the others. that way you can control the object as you need when you need without each armature moving anything its not intended to. hope this helps

i tot of doing this, i’m afraid of the vertices count on the game. currently the map is 50k, bumbee is 15k, if i make another bumbee juz to transform isn’t another 15k?. i don’t know but i will try as i run out of methods.
hope it works! will update again

Ok. tat works. i make it transform already! thanks guys

looking at your transformer it looked like it was already transformable, (in the way if u move it around it makes the car) is that correct?

if not then go with that method but it wont look as good and u wont feel as proud…

just my thoughts.