Bumblebee Animation


I’d love to hear any feedback!

This project took about 3 weeks.


Nice animation and design work!

excellent work :slight_smile: thanks for enjoyment

Thanks guys! I’m glad you liked it.

Great animation! Animation shows nice finesse that works great with those simplified models! Gallery stuff!

p.s. Ant the message is great too!

Thanks for your comments Riste! I stopped by your blog and I love the point you make about animation so I’ll echo it here. “I have noticed that there is an amazing number of 3D artists that aspire to became animators but most of them never move beyond rigging phase…”

I think that is why my models are so simple. If I keep them simple, then I know I can control them. And it allows me to move on to the business of animation which is the part that I love most.


Hi Daniel,

I loved the work. 99% of it was perfect. No flaws. Great sense of motion and weight, and it served the message in a nice juxtaposition. The 1% I did not get was the very first shot - specifically between seconds 2&4. Seemed like the fine balance of the rest of the piece was missing. The animation of the bee seemed overly slow at that specific spot and the anticipation and weight of it seemed off and I did not really understand it from the animation first time around. I got sort of that yes, he knocks off the berry and it hits him on the head but the other technical elements seemed to git in the way of it somehow. If you can find what you were doing so well with the rest of it and apply that to the first shot in some way that would be something.

Overall not even worth mentioning the 1% except that it is the first shot. And it could be real cute and funny right there. :slight_smile:

Very very very well done and professional work all around!

Really good. I loved the simplicity of it.


thank you for your thoughtful and precise response. I’ll take a look at the shot you’re referring too. I’m sure there’s something in the timing that could be improved.


You’re welcome. Please keep us posted on any updates you make if you find a way to improve that shot.

Again!!! Nice work!!! Great colors, screen layout, models design, animations, everything is great!!! Is nice to see Professional works with Blender.


the shot has been updated and the music has now been added to the piece. Thank you again for your focused critique. I think the shot looks better now that it has had a little fresh attention paid to it.

Love it. Absolutely love it

Okay, I’ve finished a short piece about the creative process of making this project. If anyone is interested:


Cool. Nice job.