Bumblebee (no - not the transformer)

I have been playing with the new particles in SVN, and decided to make a bumblebee. I FOOLISHLY thought to myself “how hard could it bee”.

Well, I had fun with the particles, but now have become completely exhausted trying to model the other parts of the bee.

ESPECIALLY the wings. I would really appreciate any good ideas/suggestions as to a solid but achievable method for creating bumblebee wings. Unless someone comes up with some stunning suggestions, I think I may take a break for a wee while until my enthusiasm returns. And yes, I could hide them with some motion blur :slight_smile:

Anyway, here are some WIP pics.

The legs were going to bee developed further (shaped properly and hair/textures added) but note also the funny edge around the legs. I couldn’t figure out what causes that which just added to my dismay.


Try giving the edges of the wing more transparency and some translucency. That might make them look more realistic.
The model itself looks pretty good and I think you could do a great composition with it.
Since you are allready a little exhaustet I would model something else to get some slack and then come back.

“how hard could it bee”.

Never heard about the “Be Scotty” rule of CG worker? :smiley:

Nice bee… another crit: a little bump on the wings would be good. Will we see an animation? :wink:

Animation? Not likely. The modelling started out as a hair test so the topology is awful and with all those legs it really deserves bones and movement to do it justice. I had dreams of composing a scene of a swarm of them…but I am not sure if bumblebees swarm?

I should add though that working with the new hair particles is at times a little quirky (I should post some of my findings), but immensely powerful, and surprisingly not too hungry on resources.

Many thanks to the Dev team.

anddddd what does it transform into lol jokes its a really nice start :slight_smile: something about the eyes are buggin me also the wings :slight_smile: hope to see an update,


:smiley: this is very, very goooooooood…damm I like it, colors are simply the best, great job…

-only little details:

  • some fur can be added on the legs (only to break the flat surface).
  • the wings should have bump map to give texture to the wings espacielly can see this on specular

Perhaps add some motion blur on the wings?


Try enabling ZTransp on the material of the legs. It might remove the strange outline around them.

I agree, the eyes are a little bulbous, but that would be easy enough to fix. Thanks. I will have a crack at it. I am getting more enthused after a few days break.

When I do that it ends up being see-through and the fur that is behind the legs shows through the front…

Just wondering how you mapped the fur - is it a UV Map controlling where the particles emit? I’m about to do the same to a similar moth model but don’t know where to start…

I really think the wings are to shiny…

Some transparent insect wings have some light red and blue hues. I think it’s due to diffraction. Here’s an example. Look towards the tips. Some curvature on the wings should help too.
Excellent fuzz.

wow that’s some great particles…are the wings modeled? after looking at some insect wing pics, I noticed the dark “vein” pattern or whatever doesn’t go all the way around. try modeling from a reference pic or making a texture similar to it…