hey all!been awhile since ive done anything usefull:( but after a long hiatus,bouts with alcohol and bipolar disorder i am looking forward to
becoming part of the community again.unfortunately my box got burnt in
a fire,but im working on another.i have some cool characters,and as always rixtrs got som mechanical wonders,i see alot of new guys so most of you dont even know me,but some of you old timers remeber the chromemaster;) anyway,blender has come a long way,and i see some serious kick ass artwork!except @ndy:D ,enough rambling,just wanted to say hey,and im still here and support blender 110%.keep up the the great work guys.bgdm stop being so damn good:p see you soon .

Good to see you here again. Sorry to hear about your problems, and the fire. But good to know you’re still here, and looking forward to new “chromey” work!