Bump in cycles

Hello, I would like to know how to add a bump in cycles to this scene. I’ve a garage gate which I made (a simple one) and I used this house picture as background to incorporate my garage, however I would like to add some realism to the house itself (the bricks for example to look more realistic) but I don’t see how. Here’s a screenshot from the nodes of the background and the rendered image.

PS: connecting the image to the displacement as I’ve seen around the web doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Thank you!

U can do this whith : Displacement Map+Hight Poly Plane+Texture = u get a dense bump.
I cant find some “very good” stuff on youtube but this tutorial is “close”, and u can have a idea.
Keyword for this : Cycles+Displacement Map.

ps:sry poor english.(crazybump isnt need it,but helps)