Bump Lensing — (I'm guessing there's a better name for this XD)

So I thought recently, what if I used Bump Maps to distort Textures like a lens:



The intuition behind how this works is that we…

  1. Take a Bump Map
  2. Feed it into the Bump Node so we can acquire our new, bumpy Normals.
  3. Project it back into UV Space by using the relationship between the x-coordinate in UV Space and the uv-generated Tangent.
  4. Then we can use it to distort our UV position vector, and in turn, the “Vector” input on our texture.


Here are the “active ingredients”:


And the “inactive ingredients” (i.e. all the stuff I did for this specific example: including the procedural crosshatch texture, the little white splotch that I used for the Bump Map, etc.),

The .BLEND file, for the curious among ye!
“Bump Lensing” bump_lensing.blend (618.4 KB) [Blender 2.79b File]

Curious to see if anyone might adapt, improve, or what have you :slight_smile: Peace and God bless!

Cool. Interesting concept. Would be interesting to use for some kind of ghost like effect that can go through objects. Also bump warping would probably be a better name…

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