bump map for tire lettering help

I’m trying to make raised lettering for my tire I have made. However when I render, it bumps the edge of the png( see pic). How do i keep it from doing that?

I placed an empty in front of the tire and the set my tire to “object:empty_name” in the Map Input tab. Is that the right was to go about making raised letters on a tire??


just read a post that photoshop 7 has problem w/ alpha exports.

downloaded gimp and it worked fine…so nevermind.

Press the normal button on the map to area until its yellow…i think.try it.

Blender uses 50% grey in RGB as base level for bump maps and white bumps and depressions are darker. So, the background of your bump map should be of this colour, or fully transparent (then do not forget to use a format that has alpha channel and to click the “Use alpha” button where you select the texture).

This is an easy self explanatory tutorial on bump mapping, making them and using them. Its really interesting to read even if you think you know how to do it! Smile.