bump map in 2.5

I’m following steps through a tutorial to assign a texture to a character. The texture is a cloud texture, and it should be connected to Nor (normals) instead of being assigned to color.

Problem is that the texture panel for 2.5 changed, so i cannot find the properly button. If i check Normals in 2.5 i get something really different from the reference picture in the tutorial:

ref: http://wiki.blender.org/uploads/thumb/2/2f/BSoD-ItCA-textures-29.jpg/250px-BSoD-ItCA-textures-29.jpg

mine: http://img97.imageshack.us/img97/3777/tipito2.png

The interface no longer uses short names for the parameters, and the buttons are grouped in a different way. Could you please help me?



Link: Here’s the tutorial for texturing a character (look in the middle of the page).

In 2.49 hover your curser over Col, Nor etc and the tooltip will tell you what then mean. Its then pretty straightforward to compare them with 2.5. Col = Diffuse Colour, Nor = geometry normal etc.

If you are learning blender why on earth are you using 2.5 when the tutorial is meant for an earlier, visually different version. learn the basics in 2.49 and you will then be able to apply them to 2.5 much much more easily.


one thing here is that in 2.5 the bump map has been updated to the latest improved algo
so you wont get the same results as in 2.49

but there is a way to turn this new bump map off but it’s a bit complicated to do!

to learn about it
you need to download the shading video from Fox guy
it show at the end of the video how to do this

happy 2.5

Looks like you have the correct box checked ‘Normal’. I believe that 2.50 bump mapping has more ‘intensity’ than in 2.4x. Try turning down the level for the Normal slider.

Thanks you all!

@Richard Marklew: some months ago i started to study blender in 2.4x series. But only in 2.5 i can comprehend the work-flow. And i know the basics of the new interface, so the tutorials for 2.4x are not that difficult to follow… but for this kind of issues: the bump map.

@RickyBlender: thanks for the comment! I figured out that something was truly different between blender versions for bump maps. And so it was. Happy 2.5+ too!

@jrboddie1: I already tried a lower value. But there’s something else involved: see the color of the mesh? Anyway, i’ll keep on trying.

Please post your .blend. There are other material settings that we have not seen from your image postings.

Ok. Here it is:

Comparing the original setting in 2.49, as @Richard Marklew suggested, i get this (but is not as the original from the tutorial example…):