Bump Map In UV Textures?

I unwrapped a model so I could use a UV map for the texture, however, the texture looks so flat. It is a high reolution texture. Is it possible to create a bump map from the same texture and add in in unwrap mode and use it for displacement of the texture? If so how do I go about it… I have placed a render below of the scene for reference. The black dress is the one that I want to add details to as I have described above. This is a model for a short film that I am working on. I am using a low poly model and want to add details to all materials by using UV mapped textures. Any help will be highly aprreciated. Thank you!


Sure it’s possible. Although you don’t need to add it in unwrap mode.
Just add your bump map texture to the model within the texture panel, then back to the material buttons, in the “Map to” tab, select “Nor”. And in the “Map Input” select “UV” instead of “Orco”. So your image will wrap around the model according to your uv unwrapping.

It worked Yayyyyy! Thanks alot for taking the time to give me your valuable input. You have given me a way to make my low poly models have high definitions especially when texturing skin and clothes. Thank you once again!!!