Bump map inverted on some parts of model only!

Hi BA, this is driving me nuts. So, out of nowhere my bump map stopped being visible (well, barely), so I deleted the nodes and inserted new ones. Currently, it’s Displacement > Image Texture > Texture Coordinate. Now, for some reason, the top portion of my model is displaced correctly, but the sides are inverted. Of course, when I add an invert node the top is wrong and the sides are correct. The image texture is comprised of subtle greys which control the effect.

I’m inclined in thinking that something is going over my head and I’m missing something obvious. Any help would be much appreciated!


Recalculate Normals?

I was thinking of doing that, but was hesitant because the whole material on the model is complex. The thing is, all of the other textures used on the model (5) are displaying correctly, that’s the weird part. I am however using the bump map outside of the main node group (the node group is where the 5 textures are used). Perhaps I should leave the displacement slot unused outside of the node group, and inside apply the displacement there?