Bump Map Issue

Hi All,

I’m setting up a little bit of bump on a planet model, but I’m finding that no matter the strength of the bump that I apply, I’m getting these raised geometric “steps” in the bump, so to speak. It’s an odd behavior, and I’m wondering what has caused it?

.blend file a little too big for upload, I’ll fix that, but here is a quick render and the node setup for the surface. If anybody spots the problem, I would be extremely grateful! Not sure where the problem lies. Thank you!

What image file format is that bump map? A low res jpg, by any chance?
If so, you’re seeing compression artefacts translated into virtual elevation.

That’s what I figured it might be, but they’re 20k x 10k res .pngs :confused:

I’ll examine the images themselves and see if they were compressed before final output. Hadn’t really considered that given their resolution.

I boosted the midtones on the bump map, and sure enough, the ocean portions show compression artifacts identical to the odd shapes that showed up in the final render. Looks like this is the problem.

PNG uses a lossless compression.
I’d assume that those images don’t have enough color depth to show subtle changes in elevation. 8bit?

That’s exactly right. I loaded them up in Photoshop and sure enough, 8bit. I’ll look for some with a higher bit depth.