Bump Map Painting in Blender (GSoC 2010)

Hi there, check this awaited feaure:


Thanks to Konrad Wilhelm.

sweet, finally some painting. :slight_smile:

this would be great if we could use images for painting

Very nice feature: it will be fantastic if the black and white map will be converted to normal map winking to game art and, in this way, speeding up the exporting of assets (models and textures all made in Blender).
But when will it be available? Will it on 2.6 or in 2.7?

don’t see why you couldn’t, we can already use textures for brushes, and this is just heightmap painting,
with the heightmap converted to normals for preview. :slight_smile:

wow! That’s awesome :slight_smile:

This is news I like waking up to! :smiley:

It’s already possible to turn a bump map into a normal map, you just need to enable nor and bake it out. Well it appears to work and produce a usable normal map.

EDIT: If we can get the sculpting features, like rake for texturing, anchored, drag & drop, we could end up with even more awesome painting features. With a thread texture, rake, and smooth stroke it would be easy to quickly paint stitching seams on cloth, among other things, this means we wouldn’t have to sub-divide, sculpt, and then bake, we could simply paint, and be done :smiley:

Bumpmap Layer? Bumpmap Painting ??!?!

YEEEEEEEEAAAAHHH!!! I’ve been waiting for this all my Blending life! THANK YOU Konrad (if you did this)… WOAAHH! I can’t wait…seriously I can’t wait! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!

although not related to that project, this has undoubtly been the Summer of Blender Painting… :smiley:

Yep. Baking bumpmaps to normalmaps works fine! Used this already. With some more options this could be an awsome addition to sculpting! Especially for Highpoly Details!!! Then you don’t need to waste to much subdivision lvl’s for those details!

Well, In my opinion - Haptic interfacing is the way to go. We really should move towards “easy” modelling and make things as simple as possible for any artist.

I’m one of the “old-boys”, you know…worked on Vertice level modelling back in the days where all we had was a wireframe to go by, and no fancy features at all.

But nevertheless - I’m a firm advocate of making modelling easy! Painting should be as easy as painting on a canvas (well…that in it self is not easy by any means - you need TALENT to do that) but the point is - people shouldn’t have to go trough a technical-degree in order to lift the paintbrush towards the canvas, if you catch my drift.

In an ideal future, animation would be like this:

  • You sculpt your character just like clay, without any technical thinking of tesselation, tris, quads or whatnot…
  • You rig it by drawing some simple lines to indicate a skeleton.
  • You animate it by just placing arms, & feet…simply posing your character, no silly static interpolation or computer “thinking for you”.
  • All timing is done by frame-to-frame distancing, essentially controlling ease-out ease-in speeds, no overcomplicated stupid curve-editors that is perfect for programmers and greek to artists.
  • If you think your character needs a makeover, you just grab your brush (or touch screen) and just dabble on the texture or paint you want it to have, no need to go into an advanced UV-Mapping editor and learning the advanced ropes of texture mapping …which should and WILL be completely obsolete once you get past the programmers “well-this-is-necessary” bickering. This process is completely unnecessary ihmo. and should be fixed forever, the hero who makes this real, is a programmer with a complete understanding of this issue, I’d want to do this myself…so much so…I’ve tried hard to learn C, but alas…I can’t do everything in life :confused:

The future is haptic, the future is non-technical interfacing:

THIS is the future folks!
Again - thanks to the genious developers, YOU are the ones making the future bright for all of us!


I think p-tex will take care of that if/when it gets implemented in blender…which I believe was one of the ‘potential’ goals of kwk’s GSOC.

Probably my poor little video card’s (and my lack of practice using the (way too complicated) texture paint) fault but this patch doesn’t work too well here, just kind of shows the texture on the model without effecting the normals no matter how I have it mapped.

Thank you very much Konrad Wilhelm. Good job!

we can not rotate the texture when we position it on the mesh.

As much as I know I think you can actually rotate the brushes in the latests sculpt branches.

By this dev says to improve our drawing skills :slight_smile: Konrad awesome. Great Work

It was in his original proposal but is no longer a target…

I’d love to see a build of this on graphicall. Ndee! I know you are a builder and do win32 :slight_smile: nudge nudge

KWK - Great job! looks really good! Can’t wait to test.

Yeah, that’s true for now, but I’m sure it’ll come in due time, patience little grasshopper! :smiley: