Bump map problem

Okay correct me if I’m wrong but the basic way of making a bump map is by texture baking the normals.
Whenever i see a tutorial they simply unwrap a simple object but when i try to unwrap a more complex object i get all of my quads split into two triangles and when i apply the bump map it looks terrible.
I’ve tried all of those different options different image sizes but to no success.
Now i see many people use a tangent map how do you make those because whenever i select tangent map and i bake it its is all plane blue.
if you have a solution to my problem please tell me.


You need a high poly and a low poly version of the object to be bumpmapped, only the low poly one needs to be unwrapped, make sure to use tangent maps. Otherwise it should work the same as what you have been doing.

I did try a tangent map but it didn’t work either it was all the same shade of blue but i downloaded this cool program called crazy bump and it works pretty well the program makes all kinds of uv maps : spec maps, normal maps, displacement maps etc.

have you checked out http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Bump_and_Normal_Maps ?