Bump Map with UV Mapping?

hey, i’ve searched the forums, but came up empty on this question.
How can i use bump map (nor) on a UV mapped object?
thanks, snipa


In the “Map Input” panel, click on UV.

Bext of Luck!!

An easy way to create a nor from a uv is to do a search on google for nvidia normal map plugin. There is one for gimp and photoshop. You simple take your UV and use the filter through gimp or photoshop and it will give you the usual blueish normal map. Then go to the materials section (F5) add a new texture (far right), map input uv, map to nor (only). Then go to textures (F6) select the new texture, select image for the type, load your normal map image, click normal map button … you’re all set

jessegp, i’m having a bit of trouble getting it for photoshop, i have photoshop elements, could this be the reason? thanks for the reply

I use gimp. I have a copy of elements around here somewhere but I would just install the gimp I believe the gimp is better than elements in many ways. If you go the route of gimp all your need to do is read the install instructions that comes with the nvidia plugin, then you just open up your picture in gimp go to filters>map>normal map i think thats were its located and just select one of the several algos for the normal map creation. Sorry I can’t really help you out outside of gimp.