bump maping

I need some help on this,im trying to create a brick walkway on a single plane but i cant get the bump to show in veiw port.

it will show in the render but its not for rendering, i plan to play with it in the game engine but without bump it just looks flat and no good.

If bump mcannot be displayed then is there a good way to fake it to look a bit realistic?

For blender 2.49 turn on GLSL materials from the Game menu at the top of the blender window and set the 3d view mode to textured. Note that your grpahics card needs to be compatible for this to work.

yes ive already done that and it will show an odd black instead of bump

ive played with the normals and all kinds of thing but i just cant get rid of that awful black

ok I uploaded a different brick texture and it seems to be working fine. im not sure why but blender doesn’t seem to agree with the previous texture which is ok.

thought thx richard for the reply