Bump Mappers!!!!!!

How can i make bump mapping in the game engine or something that does the same effect as bump mapping.

Thanks For Your Time :smiley:

you can’t

essentially, if you knew how to write the code to do it, you could do it in tuhopuu2 because it can do GLSL shaders [… sorta], but you’d also have to generate the normal maps

You can fake bumpmapping by creating the bumpmap in a paint program and make as realistic as possible bevel, emboss and shadow, this will help to make it more looking bumpmap in the game engine. :slight_smile:

thanks! :smiley:

You can fake bump highlights, by creating a B&W texture and mapping it to a duplicate object, just slightly bigger then the original and setting it to “ADD”. you can then create only the shadows on the original texture - it works nice in low light eviroments.