Bump mapping in blender 2.5 (sneak peak)

Hello there, for those of you who have not been following graphicall.org’s twitter, heres a sneak peak at bump mapping in blender 2.5 :smiley:
all credit goes to ALfredo de Greef!

reminds me of the sand in sandtrap, a map from halo 3

This is a render not the 3d view, will the result be the same in the 3d view?

thats extreme, so 2.5 is going to be the best yet?

…Why is this in the BGE forum? this is not in the GE and not even in the 3D view, its a RENDER!

good question…??

u have a point… sry bout this xD not sure where it should be moved, all up to u moderators!