Bump mapping in GLSL?

Hi. Is there any way you can add a bump map to your materials because the only way I know how to bump map is by creating a texture and then setting it to normal yet I’ve learned that you have to UV Map everything… so is bump mapping out of the question?

P.S. I need this so I can create the rippling effects and the stony effect on my portal animation I posted a while back for a game I’m going to make

As far as I can tell, GLSL kind of relies on UV unwrapping. I posted a question recently about the differences of a texture applied as cylindrical (etc) projection with GLSL versus the texture map positioning of an actual render. Unwrapping seems to be the only way to get them the same.

Other than that, both normal mapping and plain bump mapping should work fine with GLSL, except I don’t think you’d be able to pull off animated displacement maps in GLSL, as I’m pretty sure there’s a certain amount of pre-calculation.

You can set a regular texture to be used as a normal map, yet it will look crappy, you should find a program that can generate normal maps for you (GIMP has a normal map plugin and Mapzone can generate normalmaps from about anything, both are free)

Crazybump is the best, because you can export your model as an obj and view the model in real time in crazybump as you’re editing the normal map.

blender can make normal maps too,

just have the bump map texture as UV on the material

add a plane and unwrap it to cover an antire blank image

then go to scene->bake button tab and change the bake type to normal, and normal space to tangent

then hit bake and the blank image turns into a normal map =]