Bump Mapping not working?

So I have been trying to give a game of mine a little more detail by adding some textures that have a little geometry. The problem is that when I create my texture, add geometry etc, it doest get applied to object. Even if I dont add geometry, the texture just doesnt apply.

What is it that I am doing wrong?

can you load a sample file would be easier to look for cause of problem!


I cant really.
My Blender project is about 9 megs, compressed with WinRar.

The best thing would be to be pointed towards a bump mapping tutorial in 2.5

I find it very hard to find specific tutorials on large forums. The search window comes up with very little relevant results. This may just be me though… I tend to screw stuff up just by not looking in that one place I said “it couldn’t be there”

Google is your friend. The top hit for ‘blender bump mapping’ is this tutorial thread for 2.4. It works almost the same in 2.5, except that you probably want a lower setting for the normal effect, as demonstrated in this example, which as it happens is the second hit for the same search.

You original post mentioned a game: if you want your bump mapping to work in the game engine rather than a render, you’d probably do better to ask in the BGE forum.

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