Bump Mapping!

I’ve made a quick demo of emboss bump mapping. There are some limitations, like if you move or rotate the plane the bump map won’t follow the light correctly.


Possible improvements:

  • Colour: This could be done with an alpha texture, but the result would look faded. It would be better if Blender had a multiply blend mode.
  • Complex meshes: Since meshes in the game engine only allow access to their vertices, not faces, there isn’t enough information to correctly bump map faces that aren’t centered at the origin.

Let me know what you think! :slight_smile:

Man that was sneaky! I thought you had access to textures =_= non of the less cool effect

Cool wiseman!

Yeah, this is awsome, but as you said, the lights isent working correctly. But well done wiseman :smiley:

HOLY CRAP!!! i love it dude, great work.

Awesome work, nice faking of them it’s a really nice idea to do that trick with the 2 textures. Well it would be cool to use in game, but I think a level full of bumpmap will run quite slow and have twice as much faces as non bumpmap level. But really usefull example Wiseman :smiley:

Thanks for all the nice comments everyone :slight_smile:

When I get the time, I’ll work on an improved version that’s more suited for use in actual games.

NOR.J: Actually, the lighting is correct in that demo, it would only become incorrect if you rotated the plane.

To make the light work on faces oriented in different directions, the script needs to be more complicated, and I’d have to hack my way around Blender’s limited access to mesh information in GameLogic.

hmm, sounds dificult :frowning:

:o Wow. Hehe, haven’t had a chance to look at it until now. Neat trick for the bump mapping. It’d be great if it can be done for use in a game. Well, if anyone can do it, Wiseman303 can. Great work!

Jason Lin

So I guess this script will work better when Blender has multi-tex support?

Very clever script Wiseman, but why isn’t it on your site?

Haha, thanks for inflating my ego another notch :wink:

R2Blend, yes it would be slightly better with multitexture, but only if additive texture blending is also supported.

The major obstacle to getting it into an actual Blender game though, is making it work for faces that aren’t lined up with the world axes. It’s not currently possible to do this directly with Blender’s realtime API.

I’m working on a hack that will hopefully get around this problem, but it probably won’t be done any time soon because I don’t have a lot of time to work on it.

Huh? It should be there. It’s listed under “Demos” on my downloads page.

Oops, I didn’t see that wiseman. :expressionless: