Bump Mapping?

Hi all,

I have been doing a tutorial about bump mapping, the tut was done in 2.41 and im using 2.47, and i cant seem to get any bump mapping happening. I have pressed the NOR button and taken off the COL button and pushed the NOR slider up and the COL, VAR and DISP sliders down for the black and white image but still no luck, am i missing a step here somewhere?


I guess only normal maps are displayed in the viewport. Black&white bump maps should be rendered, though. Have you tried rendering the scene?

.blend please?

Thanks Doncuan, here is the .blend file, any help would be appreciated.



GlobeTotouial.blend (258 KB)

I used a displace modifier (so you can see the output ) also, a normal bump map in the textures (don’t really need both -just pick one or the other and it will work fine) :smiley:
oh yeah, and you forgot to pack your data (file–> external data—> pack into blend ) (and check the “compress data” )
so I used a procedural texture (just replace it with an image or something )


globebump.blend (263 KB)