Bump maps for the game?

Will the engine ever support bump maps? Does anyone know if theres any plans to do this? I think it would make the games look so much better… it would really be great to see it giving modern commercial engines a run for there money…

I thought someone did a demo they made that looked like doom3

Does anyone know where the demo is… i would love to take a look!

search, search, search…

woops… It is one artists fps demo. but that’s ok, it’s great, and you can download blend file :wink:

The Game Engine does support bump mapping, but there are two requirements: your graphics card must support them, and you must be able to code and implement GLSL shaders in Blender.

I don’t know where the demo file is, but I would suggest that you run a search on the Game Engine board for the phrases “bump map” and “bump mapping” if you haven’t already. Also, a search on “GLSL Shader” or “GLSL Shaders” should lead you to helpful information about implementing shaders in Blender.

maybe you were referring to this, I tested it in 2.43RC3 and it works for me if it doesn’t for you its more than likely your graphics card does not support the GLSL features being used. :rolleyes: