Bump Maps in LF?

(bmax) #1

Hi y’all,

Is there a way to make a bump map on an object exported to LF, not using the procedural bumps? You know, like in blender, you can make a texture affect the objects normal…

Tom - the spammer 8)

(S68) #2

If it is a TARGA then you can apply it as a texture.

If you use the metapattern BUMP you can convert a texture to a bumpmap,

so, theretically… YES

I’m pleased to inform you that LF has also TRUE displacement maps, not plain bumpmaps, these are far better IMHO because generates real bumps with proper shadows and -SILOUETTES_


(hannibar) #3

For a displacementmap : yust put _DISP behind your material name.

(eeshlo) #4

You can use several extensions for the material names to do displacement mapping, but I don’t always like how it comes out, BMRT often produced better looking results. Anyway, again, as usual see the readme.txt…
And no, the new script is not ready yet…