Bump Maps

Hey Everyone
Does anyone know of any tutorials or know how to create bump maps in blender for example making bricks look ruff using a flat texture or like this on the image
cheers for help peeps


Well, bump maps are not made in Blender but in a 2D program. Do you want to know how to apply and use them in a material?

If so, this might be helpful:

There you’ll also find infos on how to make Normal maps IN Blender, which might be another thing you’re looking for. And remember, a search on the forums or the web will give you plenty results on that topic.

thank you for that i was unaware it couldn’t be done in blender thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

Well if you rendering using Blender internal, you can use a procedural texture for a bump map. I think Yafray may support some procedural textures too but I’m not 100% positive on that.

5Onlt is obviously right, normal input may be given though procedurals of course, I just thought about maps as in image maps.

And Yafray does support most of the common procedurals so that shouldn’t be a real problem.

Hope this doesn’t sway too far from the topic, I dislike creating new threads when ones already exist:

I’m trying to create a bump map in Blender using Geometry as the source. I’ve found an excellent guide on how to make a normal map using geometry in blender, but sadly without left-handed tangent space it’s unusable in Unreal Engine 3 (Roboblitz Editor).

So, I’m using an open source tool nVidia have created to create normal maps from bump maps with the correct orientation. However I still have my nice geometry I’ve created in blender that I can’t turn into a bump.

I’m thinking there must be a way. Hopefully one of you fellows can tell me what that is.


You could temporarily rotate the model.

I’m sorry I don’t follow.

Presumably you are talking of the normal map problem. I’m creating an asymmetrical normal map using this tute. How would I go about getting the correct (left handed) tangent space via rotating the model?

The only way I can think of hacking it is by getting rid of all the back and side polys and then flipping what’s left on the Y axis; and then baking it. I was hoping for a more elegant solution. :slight_smile:

I’m actually going to need to make bump maps from geometry pretty soon regardless, so I’ll keep trying to work that out.



There’s a file with all the settings for you. Unfortunately it is still just a BumpMap as “Normal Maps” in Blender don’t displace geometry. You can MapTo Disp(lace) in the MapTo tab with very low settings but to get decent results you’ll have to subdivide the mesh quite heavily. Search this site for ORB and Melody as otheres have used them and posted results that may provide more info than I can give.