*bump* needing some help makeing smoke

hi i am trying to make smoke and its giving me alot of pain i cant seem to get it to look right, i am trying to make it look contained in like a glass any ideas would be great thanks.


In the shaders tab (F5) click on the world buttons tab (far right). There you can turn on mist.

well see i am needing it in one area and one are alone not the hole image just in basicly a sphere not the hole image. thanks thow


bump i could sure use some help on this one guys if anybodys got any ideas i could really use it

You know, if you need help you can always use this amazing website of all knowledge.

But seriously, if you would have done a simple 2 second search, you would have come across this website that has a great smoke tutorial.

Please learn to search before you ask for help here. You’re lucky anyone was nice enough to help you.

Edit: If you’re able to, please use proper english.

hey thanks for the link i knew there was a site out there with it on it i just forgot where. and i did google it and came up with alot of junk that didnt help much. sorry for my crappy spelling never was a strong suit of mine. thanks for your help.


Don’t forget The other great and extremely useful search site!