Bump/Normal map baking

Is there a way to bake a bump/normal map from object 2 to object 1? (in the screenshot)
Object 2 has an external object (in this case Suzanne), I mean - I added an object inside ‘edit mode’ of object 2.

Position the two objects in the same location then use the baking options in the Render / Bake panel.
Object 1 must be uv unwrapped and a texture added to bake to.

I know how to bake a texture.
In this case, I added a mesh to object 2, which wasn’t in object 1, and I can’t bake it now.
Is there a way to bake the bump/normal map in this case? So the monkey face will be part of it?

Are you just trying to bake Suzanne onto the normal map of a cube? If so, you should have her as a separate object from the one you’re trying to bake her onto. If she’s part of the same object, you’re just trying to bake an object onto itself.

Thanks for the comment!
I tried to bake Suzanne to object 1 without the cube of object 2 and it worked :slight_smile: