Bump to Normal map

hi everybody,

since I use Blender under Ubuntu and, if possible, prefer not to mess with windows tools, i’d like to know if somebody has a method to obtain normal maps from bump maps within Blender (or eventually gimp)

i’ve tried normal baking on bump mapped planes, and it works perfectly with procedural textures, but no result with bumpmaps

any hint?

thanks everybody

Info: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Bump_and_Normal_Maps

Annnnd a material you should be able to use:

Hope that helps.

hmm…when you have image as a texture do you change orco to UV in the map input panel?

bump to normal, try this:
copy your object, use the bumpmap with the displacement modifier. Bake normals from the bumped object.


ok, it doesn’t work mapping the bump and baking normals (UV was set right)

the perfect solution has been importing the shader Sambassador wrote about, add my bump map as the first texture, then render with an ortho camera

thank you everybody