Bumper car - need help with seat



I need help modelling a seat could someone post a render of a seat in edit mode that would look right in my bumper car?

C&C would be helpful. I know about the seam in the middle but have no idea on how to correct it, im using the mirror and subsurf modifiers.:slight_smile: Everything was made from cubes except the antenna thing.

It can’t be that awful… Can it? :eek:

First off, I recommend changing your lighting setup. Right now it is very dim. I don’t know if what I see in the image is a seam or a cast shadow. As Soter would say, can you post a three-sides orthographic wire?

OK, first of all try using a different background color, black is not good cause you cannot see the outline of the object.
Then you should give more shape to the object, only subsurf it when you need to, it looks kinda like a sufsurfed box right now.
Then we’ll talk about the chair :slight_smile:

By the way… you should do some car tutorials or something, and I mean no offense, just trying to help here.


Ah, Mister Bubbles what happened to the Wheel Barrel? Anyways, the lighting is the main key to me. Let us see it. Also I think you should follow DF’s advice and do a subsurf-car tutorial. But for your first model it looks good.

Whoa… On my other computer the lighting looked fine. Sorry, I don’t have the .blend file with me, hehe,.