Bumpmap problem

Hi, when I bake a bumpmap I have these red triangles. Does anyone know why this is happening?


Does the mesh overlap?

Well, no. It only overlaps with the highpoly model a bit. I decimated the highpoly model to get the lowpoly model.

so select the meshes in the reverse order… and then bake… i have this problem too

I’ve just tied. Unfortunately it didn’t work. still getting the triangles.
Here’s a render


do you have both of the objects in the same coordinates? try to follow this tutorial http://www.tutorialsforblender3d.com/Blender3D/NormalMapHighToLow/Normals_HiToLowPoly_Steps_1.html

You can bake a bump map using gimp (as long as you bake it from a original texture). just get the right plugins.

No, still didn’t manage to fix it, if someone wants to have a look, here’s the .blend:

The triangles are because you used a mirror modifier- since the mirrored parts share the same UVs as the original ones, the triangles are where the engine can’t decide which half to bake, so it switches back and forth (kind of like if you have two planes in the same place in the Game engine, it stutters back and forth)

The solution is to apply your mirror before you unwrap, and make sure there’s no overlaps. Your high res model can still have a mirror, though I recommend against it, because asymmetry looks better.

Hey, Thanks!! It works now :eyebrowlift: but I can’t turn all the normals out, is there any other way to turn them out instead of ctrl+n?

spacebar/edit/normals/recalculate normals inside,recalculate normals outside or flip normals and you might have to recalcuate some of them individualy.