Just a question (May be a dumb one) whats the best way on doing bumpmapping? I been looking all over but always seem bit cloudy

Bump Maps for Beginners

Well heres my test http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o199/cronambs/Test.jpg
Heres the textures http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o199/cronambs/Testbump.jpg <-only one i used for the test above, http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o199/cronambs/marstile_bumpmapped_gradual1.jpg <- Hight map and http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o199/cronambs/mars_tile_2.jpg <- as color map and it does not look right some reason, is it bc or ,y light?

Really not sure what you’re doing with those three images. Looks like normal mapping and displacement mapping, with lighting baked into the color map. It also looks like the baked in lighting is conflicting with the lighting picked up from the normal map or the displacement. Try experimenting with only one effect at a time.

There supposed to be displacement, norm, and color map right when working with these type things? just now im woundering what setting do i used for displacement, i know color just used color, norm uses norm mapping along with nor setting but what about displacement? dose that just use displace setting?

The buttons in the Map To panel for the material’s texture control what the image is used for. If the disp button is selected, Blender will use that image for displacement, whether it’s suitable or not. You can select more than one thing at a time, a common cheat is to use the same image for color and bump (nor.)