Bunch of fruit

Hello just whipped up this bunch of fruit don’t really like how it came out anyone got any suggestions or crits on how to make it look better or preferably more realistic. rendered in yafray


Heres another one with AO turned off


Modelling looks pretty good, but the lighting could use some work. Hard to tell about the materials or textures with it in the dark like it is, though. Nice shapes, thoguh.

You need a brighter light source, if you can figure out the lighting it should look great.

looking good, try an area light with emitter plane in a cornell box lighting method, it gives really good soft shadows.

The photo is very seriously under-exposed. That’s why it seems washed out. I popped it into GIMP and brightened it up so that I could see it. First do the best you can within Blender, with simple three-point light. Then run it through Yafray and pull any AO-funky-tricks last, if it turns out you actually need to. (Betcha you don’t.)

Re-light the scene so that you can actually see it, and so that specular highlights can be seen on the surface of the oranges and grapefruit; but not the bananas. You’ll need a slight bump-map to give the right texture to the citrus fruits. Introduce color into each of the three lights. Get the lighting right first, then worry about shadows, e.g. with shadow-only spots.

Also, bring the camera in tight. You don’t need all that wasted table-space; you definitely don’t need a sky. I cropped it just above the top of the banana, with about a banana’s-worth :expressionless: of table-and-shadow below, and it looked much better to me. “Fill the frame.”

an area light with emitter plane in a cornell box lighting method

huh? all you need is an area light with high samples to get soft shadows.

Diago, you might try a yafray render with an HDRI background (google for more info). Simply set your HDRI image as the world texture with “AngMap” selected and yafray will pick it up (as long as you’re using GI (Method: Full) I think) don’t bother with photons unless your scene will be within a closed box or using caustics. Turning on cache will help with quality and speed sometimes, but turn the refinement way down. Oh, yeah, and turn up the power of your lights & GI if its dim like your first try…

Although HDRI will take care of the lighting for the scene, you can “enhance” it by adding your own. For soft shadows in yafray, try point lights with “samples” and “radius” set. It turns them into an area light of sorts…

The textures look very promising… especially the apples!

This is a cornell box.


This is a cornell box.


yeah, I know what one is, but I was wondering about having an emitter plane too… unless you want it to show up in the scene (I guess as a reflection in this case… although an area light would be reflected as well, wouldn’t it?)… no big thing…

change your world settings, so that sky colour is white, and add a bit more power to the GI method that ur using, just to give more brightness.

see how that renders out - it should give a much nicer result.
HTH :slight_smile:

You might want to worry about making the image brighter before improving the lights, area lights do tend to make good shadows but be notified that it may not work in all situations.

Title for this piece: “Fruit at Dusk”

Hey guys thanks for all the useful comments, i’ve tried each one of them though and they just don’t seem to be turning out right i must be doing something wrong, anyway here is the the best that i’ve got so far. Any more useful hints would be good as well as you probably figured out i’m pretty new to 3d modelling and rendering so the more explanation the better thanks, appreciate it.


and also i can’t quite get the bump map to work in yafray i’ve got nor and stuff on and the texture seem to be coming up not to bad but the rendered image just doesn’t seem to show it.


that last render looks pretty cool.

a good method light setup i found is the half-sphere spot setup in the blender
online documentation.

it looks really cool and you could intensify the light coming from certain points instead an all around lightsource. check out it’s a really easy tutorial.

Complications with lighting is why I don’t use Yafray that much. :wink: I’m too dumb for Yafray. :smiley:

Heres another lad i did the orange texture is still being difficult and i’m not sure how to fix it, i’m basically playing with the lighting to get to know what each one does oh and i added a sticker lol, so here it is.


this isreally taking shape now - the sticker is a nice addition :slight_smile: . May i suggest youmove your bowl of fruit a little to the right, as you clearly see that the wood texture is not seamless… either get a seamless texture, or just move the fruit and camera to such a position, that the seams are not visible :wink:

The orange needs a bit of bump mapping - it is perhaps a little to smooth, and the specularity a little too perfect… a bump map should sort both these things outby distoring the spec a little. (If it doesn’t you can always increase the spec a little, as at the moment it is a bit too concentrated). At the moment, the spec makes the oranges look hard, as if made from porcelain or something!

The lighiting is looking pretty good now… its giving a very warm feeling, as if it is being lit by a fire - very nice effect.

Hope my comments help. :slight_smile: