Bundle (UPBGE+Atom.io+Autocomplete+CommunityAddon)

Windows x64 ONLY

This is a packge that contains portable (and integrated) versions of all this software. You don’t need to install anything, just extract and that’s it. Just with that you get (already configured to work together):

  • UPBGE 0.1.0 (Stable): An improved fork of Blender.

  • UPBGE’s Community Addon: Enchances the GE for a smooth (Unity-Like) workflow.

  • BGEMockGen: Scrapper for Sphinx generated documentation that creates Python definition files.

  • Atom.io: The hackable text editor for the 21st century.

  • Autocomplete-Python: Autocompletion plugin for Atom, configured to include the BGE and CORE APIs, and to use UPBGE’s Python executable.

  • Minmap: For the fans of Sublime Text.


Future versions may include Sphinx, Spell-Check and newer version of all the currently bundled tools.


Sounds nice. Thank you for all the work! :slight_smile:

but can I use it with the normal 2.7.8 build also?

Does that mean the windows 64 bit version of windows 10?

Should work on any 64 bit version of windows after XP (XP not included).

If you replace all the binaries you can make it run on a 32 bit machine too, and if you make a launcher even on Linux & Mac, but I won’t work on that direction so if you want that I can only give you hints of how to do it youself.

Yes and no, for the atom editor, yes, though you will still get autocomlete for the UPBGE API, but the scripts that make the files you need for the autocomplete are included so you can just run them again for normal BGE.

For the Community Addon no, unless you’re going to fix any error that rises wich will mean rewritting / disabling all the glsl module (the API enchantments, not the actual functionality) and the components. You should not have errors with the media and utils modules.

However notice that it uses the build 0.1.0 of upbge, wich is the most stable and there are no bugs reported for that version that I know.

The download link is off.


Does this work with upbge 0.2.5?

the download link is broked