Bungee Spiders (game)

Hi all…

Just want to present you a game for Pokki that was made for Pokki1Up game developers contest…If you dont know what Pokki is, it is a new desktop platform that enables web developers to create and distribute connected HTML5 desktop applications called Pokkies. Its nice and practical App distribution platform. You can check it out on http://www.pokki.com

As for the game, you can download, play, like, share and support through this link http://www.pokki.com/1up/?app=bungeespiders

All characters and stuff was made in Blender and rendered for artwork. :eyebrowlift2:

Awww… Looks great, but I can’t download it because I’m using Linux. I actually run Windows 7, but use Linux running in virtual box for all of my web-browsing needs because it’s safer than Win IMHO. Usually I download stuff then transfer it to windows, but Pokki detected my OS as Linux and won’t even offer a download link :frowning:

Anyway the screens look great. Might look into this Pokki thing myself, seems interesting. I recently started working with JMonkey Engine 3.0 which is an open source cross platform java based game engine so it’d probably be a while until I check out Pokki.

I might change up my firewall settings and try to download this from Win later. Thanks for sharing!